Friday, March 3, 2017

Pearl Harbor Survivor John Walton Dies in Car Crash-- Part 2: "What's Going On?"

"We heard this plane screaming.  'What's going on?  This is Sunday!'  And then we started hearing  the bombs going off.  We went to the window and see this plane flying over our heads, with red spots on it.  It was probably dropping a bomb on the ol' Utah out there.  Somebody had the sense to say, 'Better get down to the first floor!  That's when it all started for us."

His younger brother William was at Pearl Harbor that day as well.  His family found out that they were both alive by calling their local Congressman.

Mr. Walton remained at Pearl Harbor until the spring of 1942 when he was transferred to the seaplane tender USS Curtiss for a year then he was radioman for a scout plane squadron in the Pacific for the remainder of the war.

He was killed when the car he was driving was clipped by a fire truck.


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