Monday, July 3, 2017

Shorpy Home Front: Swimming

From the Shorpy Old Photo site.

MARCH 13, 2016--  SWIMMING OF '42--  July 1942 "Rupert, Idaho.  Dressing after swimming.  Russell Lee, OWI.

MARCH 9, 2016--  PICNIC IN THE PARK: 1942--  July 1942  "Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Picknickers in city park."  Russell Lee, OWI.  Family seated at picnic table preparing to feast.

Comment:  They are at Moore Park on Lakeshore Drivee.

MARCH 9, 2016--  LAST ONE IN  July 1942  Rupert, Idaho.  Schoolboys at swimming pool."  Rupert Lee, OWI.

Comment:  Very thin boys.  really tight, form-fitting trunks, at least one with a belt on his trunks.

Swimming and Fun Went On for Kids, Despite the War.  --GreGen

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